sharing our love of art and the ocean to create a happy sea

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Nice to meet you, I'm Owyn the creative behind The Happy Sea. I like to think of The Happy Sea as my love letter to the ocean. Ever since I was little, the ocean has been my refuge, I owe everything that I am to the sea. My first word as a child was 'beach' (true story) and as the years went on my love for the ocean never diminished. I went on to attend college at Florida Atlantic University to pursue a degree in Marine Biology to study the whales. Long story short math and chemistry hated me by the end of my freshman year and I wasn't a huge fan of them either. After multiple hours on the phone with my mom I flipped my entire life plan. I went from marine biology to graphic design in the blink of an eye and within a years time The Happy Sea was created!  

The Happy Sea has been an adventure of a lifetime and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I spend each day so thankful for this opportunity and trusting the universe to take control and not force anything not meant for me. I spend my time running The Happy Sea, hanging out with my dog Koast and traveling every second I get. 

Thank you so much for checking out The Happy Sea, it means everything to me! I hope it inspires you and brings you a sense of happiness and adventure.



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