sharing our love of art and the ocean to create a happy sea


the happy sea designer & other things: owyn

Owyn has always loved the ocean. Obsessively loved the ocean. When she's not there, it's the only place she wants to be. She grew up on a small little island off of the coast of North Florida, Amelia Island. Owyns first word as a baby was 'beach' everyone thinks that set up her destiny from the get go. By the time she was 4 years old she had it set in her head that when she grew up she wanted to become a marine biologist, to help save the ocean and study the whales. Long story short, she went on to attend college in 2013 and discovered she is bad in math & chemistry. So it was a tough gig. She called her mom and after multiple hours on the phone they came up with the idea of The Happy Sea. She spends most of her time drawing things up for Happy Sea, laying with her pup on the beach and traveling around to new places. The Happy Sea is a piece of her soul and she hopes that you love it as much as she does.      

the happy sea production manager & other things: laurie

Laurie has been in the graphics industry for years. Laurie has the same love for the ocean as Owyn. In fact, she is the one who moved them to Amelia Island waaaay back when. Laurie is completely in charge of production for The Happy Sea as well as coming up with tons of the card sayings for all of the greeting cards. Pretty cool huh? We think so too! In our opinion, Laurie is a wonder woman and The Happy Sea wouldn't even be in existence without her. Laurie spends her time working on Happy Sea, and running her shop Color it Green located on Amelia Island. Her shop includes gifts that give back to other organizations, American made products, and local artists. If you're ever in the area stop by! Happy Sea is there 24/7. 





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