our favorite must have travel essentials:

If anyone has the travel bug...it’s me. I like to spend a solid portion of each year traveling around to new countries, eating new food and meeting new people. It’s good for the soul and its good for the happy sea (inspiration baby!) My passport is slowly filling up and I am STOKED. For the month of October my sister and I are taking a few weeks to do a good ole fashioned roadtrip across Australia. And when I say roadtrip, I mean it is a full on roadtrip. We are renting a camper van (thank you wicked campers aus) and driving from Melbourne to Brisbane while stopping at any and all pretty places in between. So before we embark on this journey of ocean showers, farmers market veggies and trying to navigate roadmaps, I thought I would share with you guys my favorite carry on essentials that I bring on all of my lil adventures. 

I do the best that I can to pack minimally so I always limit myself to a carry on and my backpack. It’s always hard to figure out what to pack but trust me you will thank yourself when you are going from place to place. 

1.Mafia Discover Backpack(pictured above) - A must have for anyone and everyone. These bad boys are made from upcycled sailboat sails. They are ultralight, water proof and super durable. And when I say durable, I mean durable. My pack has been with me so far to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, Costa Rica (& counting.) It is still going strong and I will always bring this babe with me. 

2. All Good Lavender Coconut Oil - Wow. Just wow. This has been my complete lifesaver on long flights and during long layovers. So, go ahead and lather all up on your face and body to replenish. Your skin will thank you and so will the person next to you because you will smell so nice. 

3. Headphones - Do we need a reason for these? A solid set of headphones will save you from a screaming toddler, that annoying human next to you trying to make conversation the whole flight, pump you up for your trip and possibly help you sleep better. 

4. Reusable Water Bottle - Do we need a reason for this either? Skip the plastic water bottle that you will go through multiple of in the airport and on the plane alone and invest in one of these. It will save you a ton of money and the environment will thank you. 

5. Turkish Towels - I always keep one or two of these towels in my bag. They serve so many different purposes it is amazing. So far I have used mine for the following: towel (obviously // one for the ocean and one for the shower), a blanket, a pillow, & a sarong. If you have any other purposes for your turkish towel pls let a girl know! 

6. A Good Book - Nothing will make a flight go by faster than a great book, some good music and an airplane diet coke with lots of ice.

7. Happy Spritz - My favorite is the “good karma” happy spritz which consists of Aloe and Rose Essential Oil. Nothing will make you feel more refreshed after a few spritz than these. You will instantly cheer up and your face will feel nice and clean (even after a 14 hour flight) 

8. A Happy Sea Hoodie - Warm your soul on a chilly flight while looking good and cozy while doing it. 

8. Lip Balm/Toothbrush - Trust me, bring these and thank yourself later. A midflight teeth brushing will save you! 

10. Phone Charger - A true blue necessity. 

  As you are reading this, I am probably either on an airplane or in a camper van and I T H A N K Y O U, appreciate you, and applaud you for reading this and continuing on with me throughout my happy sea journey! You are all the greatest and I will never not say that. 




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October 16, 2018

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