Per usual, my head is in the clouds. Always thinking about where I would love to be - off on an adventure, under a palm sippin' from a coconut, in the middle of the ocean deep diving in .... away. Away from the troubles of the world, to get a minute to breathe.

This last year has been tough on everyone, who would have ever thought that the planet would come to such a halt? In a way, I think it's a good thing that we took a minute to slow down - to breathe. The planet needs a reset, we humans need a reset. Societies way of thinking can be so upside down, we put so many things above the health of our planet, our home. And by no means am I saying that the reason we are coming to such a halt in the world is a good thing, it is a horrible, horrible thing that has affected so many in horrific ways & my heart will always go out to the world - I am just saying as an entirety of a population, we need a reset in our thinking on the pace in which we live our lives, and the consumptions that occur in our lives. 

The lifestyle we live as human beings is so wasteful, and it harms every living organism in our wake. The earth needs a breather, we need to walk a little lighter and realize what we consume affects everything down to the fish in the deepest depths of the ocean. The earth IS worth fighting for - her health is our health & changing our habits can have such a positive impact on the world if we just realize it.

We really should start to realize that less is more, get outside in nature - TAKE IT IN. B R E A T H E. It is an incredible feeling. Refuse the plastic bag, skip the straw, bring your reusable water bottle along with you in your day to day. We have such a short allotted time on earth, it is our duty to live as fully as possible, and leave no trace in the process. The world is so consumed by consumerism, money, competition, climbing the corporate ladder - what is the point if you aren't doing it for your own well being and the planets well being? 

There are SO MANY small things that we can do that lead up to a HUGE difference if we all jump in together. Our planet needs a break, we owe it to her to help. And by writing this, by no means am I perfect - far from it. But I do try my best!


Here are some things that I do to try to play my part during my time on earth & what you can do to lower your footprint on the planet :


  • Eat predominantly plant based - I would say that I'm 90% vegan, 10% vegetarian. Save the animals, save the land, save the water. I am not saying this is for everyone! This is just what works best for my body, and my mind. Even if it is going meatless one day a week, you are making a difference!
  • Donate to nonprofit organizations close to your heart when your budget allows, (the happy sea donates to orca conservancy every month along with others based on the month and what is going on in the world! we love to donate to the loveland foundation, the reef institute, humane societies, and more)
  • Bring your own produce and grocery bags to the store & farmers market! This is EVERYTHING, and so amazing for buying produce in bulk that isn't wrapped in plastic. 
  • Skip the straw, skip the lid, bring your own mug, or metal straw, and enjoy!
  • Shop small, shop local, & give back to your friends, family and community in the process.  


By no means is this the perfect waste free life - but it is doing what I can and hopefully it will inspire you to walk a little lighter as well. The planet needs us, and we need the planet - she is worth fighting for!

Happy Sunday, thank you for being here and reading what the insides of my mind needs to say :)







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