This past weekend, we spent our Saturday at Moxie Craft Fest. And for those of you who don’t know about Moxie...

1) it is our favorite show of the year, and 2) it is a group of the best people that we know. Moxie consists of the makers, the shakers, the dreamers, & the doers all in one room. The amount of creativity filling the room is surreal. Everyone is kind, everyone is passionate and everyone is a creative. We had a B L A S T! We met some amazing people, and got some kick @$$ gifts for the holidays. One of the best things about Moxie, is that you get to personally meet the person behind the item that you’re buying. It makes the buying experience so much more authentic and true. It gives you a story to tell behind every present you give, whether it is to a friend or to yourself. Shopping small and shopping local is so important whether it is during the holidays, or on a casual Wednesday when you are on your way to get a coffee. 

With the holidays on the horizon...we figured that we would remind you of some solid reasons as to why you should shop local and shop small, today, tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that. 

  • You are helping people literally achieve their dreams - I must say that whenever you guys make a purchase for happy sea whether it’s online (my phone makes a “chaaachiiiiiing” noise...it’s pretty cool), at a show, or at Color it Green my heart does a little ‘blip’ I get SO stoked that you guys love happy sea enough to purchase it. And I know for a fact that other vendors feel the same.  
  • You lessen the environmental impact of your purchase - More often than not, when you purchase from big box stores, they use an excessive amount of packaging from bubble wrap, packing paper and boxes. Small businesses focus on shipping efficiency and cutting out excess packaging. 
  • You find some top notch funky gifts - Small businesses know where it’s at for the holiday prezzzzies. People who own small businesses throw their entire soul into finding the perfect things for their shop, (or in our case, our brand.) It is their passion, so they are on a mission to find cool, unique gifts to fill their shop. So go get some cool things this holiday! (I know Color it Green has some goodies, and they're about to have an online shop!)  
  • You are giving back to your local economy - By shopping small & shopping local you are supporting local entreprenuers and engaging in your community. Which I think is pretty damn cool. You get to be apart of something that is more than yourself, and you get to help grow local businesses by purchasing. I have seen how important it is to shop small and local first hand. Not only by The Happy Sea but by my families shop located in downtown Fernandina Beach, Florida as well. (Color it Green, I LOVE YOU!) I have seen the good days and the bad days. The days where everyone is like “so why are we doing this again?”  and the days where we are like "This is the greatest thing, we feel SO INSPIRED!" Owning a business is tough work and it isn't for the weak. However it is B E Y O N D worth it, the amount of wonderful people we have met from owning Color it Green is incredible and we wouldn't change it for the world. So please do me, my fam bam, and every other small business owner a favor and pay it forward, it is so important! 


happy holidays lovers!
xx, OP


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