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The ocean is the life line to everyone here at The Happy Sea. We all have our own special connection to the sea --it’s a safe space, a place to go to find yourself, or the corner of the world where you can dream a little bigger. It can be a place to gather and spend time with family, friends or your fur baby. No matter your connection, we all have the desire and responsibility to protect our home away from home. 

We all want to give back to the ocean--but where do you start? It can be overwhelming trying to find and research all the different organizations that protect the ocean in its own way. It's even more difficult trying to pick just one!

To save you some time and stress, we complied a list of a few of our favorite ocean-saving nonprofits to make the decision a little bit easier. white writing 

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Parley is pretty much one of the coolest organizations we have seen yet. Parley For The Oceans addresses the MAJOR threats toward Mother Ocean. They tackle ocean pollution, shark finning, the diminishment of biodiversity and so much more.  

Who is Parley? 

Artists, Musicians, Actors, Filmmakers, Designers, Scientists, Journalists, and Architects develop alternative business models and products with the support of Parley. These models and inventions become environmentally-friendly alternatives to the destructive products that were available before. 

 “We need to defend diversity on land and in the sea and we need solutions, and these solutions can only be realized by harnessing the imaginative side of human culture – the arts.”

To see more info and read more about them head on over to their site! You won’t be disapointed. // https://www.parley.tv/#fortheoceans

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Orca Conservancy: 

Orcas. Owyn's first love (starting at age 3 while watching Free Willy on her moms living room floor.) The Happy Sea will never not donate to Orca Conservancy.

This organization is in dire need of your support. The orca population is diminishing and it is so so important that we do everything we can to help save this incredible species. The clock is running out for this keystone species and the Orca Conservancy is doing everything it can to save them. 

What do they do? 

Orca Conservancy funds support for researchers working on projects that help address Southern Resident Orca Recovery project, supports initiatives that restore salmon populations, collaborate with some of the worlds top environmental groups to address the most critical issues that face wild orca & SO much more.  

To see more info and read more about them head on over to their site! // https://www.orcaconservancy.org

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The Hooper Collective: 

The Hooper Collective is a non-profit started by Madison Stewart, otherwise known as "Shark Girl Madison" to create change on how the world views our sharks through science, education and documentation.

"The Hooper collective aims to inflict change and shed light on laws exploiting sharks, change the human perception of sharks and fight the trades decimating sharks around the world, while improving the quality of life for humans at threat from these animals." 

Where will your money go? 

With continued support they hope to not only further current projects and research but chase new leads & create new change to promote healthy oceans through shark conservation. 

To see more info and read more about them head on over to their site! You won’t be disappointed. // https://www.thehoopercollective.org

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Lonely Whale: 

"Lonely Whale is an incubator for courageous ideas that drive impactful change on behalf of our ocean. Inspired by the power of community to create the change we need to ensure a healthy planet, we are working towards a new era of radical collaboration, together facilitating the creation of innovative ideas that push the boundary on current trends in technology, media and advocacy that positively impact the health of our ocean."

To see more info and read more about them head on over to their site!  // https://www.lonelywhale.org

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Sea Legacy:

Founded by Paul Nicklen, legendary polar photographer, and conservation pioneer, Cristina Mittermeier, this organization focuses on capturing the beauty of our oceans in photos to spark worldwide passion to save them. Sea Legacy organizes localized social media campaigns to alert citizens of pressing issues. Past campaigns have included a project that highlighted the threat that gas and oil exploration in Lofoten, Norway, posed to cetaceans; they succeeded in persuading the new prime minister to end the practice. Moreover, the organization orchestrates 6 – 12 expeditions a year, actively seeking volunteers for these trips to the Arctic, the Caribbean and everywhere in between.

Where will your money go? 

Every cent goes towards their expeditions, campaigns, and solutions to help fight to save our oceans worldwide. 

"Without healthy oceans, we cannot survive. From the air we breathe, to the food we eat, to the climate we live in, we all depend on our oceans. Today, they are more important than ever. Healthy oceans absorb carbon from the atmosphere and help reduce the impact of climate change."


To see more info and read more about them head on over to their site!  //  https://www.sealegacy.org

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Ocean Alliance:

Ocean Alliance’s mission is to protect whales and their ocean environment through research and education. Ocean Alliance works with scientific partners to collect a broad spectrum of data on whales and ocean life. Then, Ocean Alliance uses this data to advise educators, policy makers, and the general public on wise stewardship of the oceans to mitigate pollution, prevent the collapse and encourage the recovery of marine mammal populations, and promote ocean/human health.

To see more info and read more about them head on over to their site! We love them, they're amazing people with an amazing mission  // https://whale.org



Oceana is dedicated to advocating for science-based fishery management and restoring the world's oceans. Oceana supports many, many different projects that benefit the ocean and its fisheries. Oceana supported the creation of a science-based fishery management that established science-based catch limits, reduced by-catch and continually puts habitat protection first. They have already protected over 3.5 million square miles of ocean and innumerable sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, and other sea creatures – but there is still more to be done.

To see more info and read more about them head on over to their site!  //  https://oceana.org  writing


do you have a favorite nonprofit? drop a comment below, we love hearing your thoughts and recommendations  :) 

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