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It's been a while since I've gotten on here and written one of these things, so H E Y, what's up, helllllllo! Nice to see you, I've missed you. Please bear with me as I'm trying to get back in the groove of things - in a typical mood board fashion. I haven't done one since March .... (insane, I know, I'm not sure what my life has become.) 

white writing

  white writing

With mood boards comes all of the random thoughts that I had while creating this beauty of a mood. A complete smorgasbord of everything that has happened since I last got on here in March (again, wut, how has it been so long) and everything that has gone down in my brain for the last hour of me creating this.  

1. We moved into a new studio in March, with lots of room for designing happy sea / shipping out orders, & a big yard for Koast to run around in which I am super stoked about. (if you guys want pics let me know, its a pretty neat spot.)

2. We have grown A L O T this past year, almost a scary lot. It has been a rush of excitement, exhaustion, frustration, and bliss. I have gone from feeling completely lost and broken, to so excited that people love The Happy Sea as much as I do. It’s a whirlwind but I am stoked and couldn't ask for any more. 

3. Ben Howard pandora is playing in the background as I write this & wow. I really love Ben Howard.  

4. I designed a magazine a few months ago called ‘Sea . Natives.' Sea . Natives that consists of pretty much everything that The Happy Sea represents...travel, vegan food, sustainability, funky music playlists, and neat stories that we love. Pretty much an inside peak of my brain, but in a cool way. (A blog post on that will be coming very soon, get ready.)

5. One of my favorite people in the world passed away in May, my eighty-four year old grandpa, Bipps. I was crushed. He was / is one of the most incredible human beings that the world has ever known. He did everything for me and my sisters & gave us the gift of travel. I will never be able to repay him for everything he has taught me, I am forever grateful. 

6. I really love people who dont make me feel weird for being a vegetarian. I love being a vegetarian and I do it for many many reasons that I could go on and on about all day but won't. So thank you to all of the people out there who dont ask “so what do you eat?” UM FOOD? What do you eat? 

7. I'm in dire need of a good trip, preferably out of the country, and somewhere tropical. 

8. There are so many different directions that I want to take The Happy Sea in, and I'm always so lost in which way to take it, what to create, and where to go. S O S.

9. I love love love the summer time, it's my favorite season. HOWEVER, the mood of October, nothing compare to it. It's just chilly enough, the fall colors are unreal, (I live in Florida so I pretend) and honestly nothing beats a spooky movie. It's an aesthetic that I am here for. 

10. If you're looking for some good playlists, hit up The Happy Sea on Spotify for some good tunes, I'm about to update it as we speak :) 


Anyways, xoxoxoxo, I've missed this. 




ALSO: most of the photos in this mood board are in fact, not mine. I pulled them from everything that The Happy Sea pins on our Pinterest, here 

To whomever did create these photos, hawt dayum you freaking GO! You creative, inspiring, love of a human being, thank you. Sending you a margarita right now. 


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