Luna and I had to have the talk. Luna, my one-year old rescue pup, has an addiction, but as the loving dog mother that I am, together, we will beat it.

My adorable fur baby is addicted to...plastic.

No, she doesn’t eat it plain, like a mad woman. It’s just a huge part of her life, like the rest of us.  She loves her squeaky toys, which are filled with high-pitch plastic squeakers; she loves her poop bags, that are made out of plastic; and she loves her single-use plastic, which is what her treats, food and toys come packaged in.

We’ve heard about the super easy human switches already: no plastic straws, no plastic take out containers, no plastic shopping bags… but, has your dog heard about all the switches THEY can make too?


If we are going to save the world from plastic, we need all paws on deck.

You know that squeaky toy they love? Try switching out that toy for an earth-friendly one made from natural, eco-friendly materials, or find some recycled toys at second-hand stores. Dogs love organic materials (they taste better, Luna told me) and they won’t mind if the toy is secondhand. Or, make a toy out of your old clothes! Your dog loves you, and having your smell around them is extremely calming. 

And those poop bags? Easy to switch out! There are plenty of companies that sell biodegradable clean-up bags that will disappear along with the (stinky) goodies inside it!

Now, the plastic that wraps dog treats, food and toys is a little harder to work around. The best way to avoid throwing away mounds of single-use plastic is to buy any kind of pet food in bulk.

And, as always, keep pressuring dog food manufacturers about the need to switch from plastic. Research your dog food provider and truly learn what they stand for--I mean, you want to know who the people are behind the food you feed your beloved fur baby, don’t you? If plastic alternatives aren’t implemented worldwide, our oceans are going to look more like garbage can soup instead of the beautiful, natural habitat its supposed to be.

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