The Happy Sea lives and breathes a beach-loving, sun-chasing, ocean-saving kind of lifestyle. We want to inspire those who love travel, sustainability and all things ocean.

The best way to keep that inspiration alive is to read about it!

The Happy Sea is a bibliophile family who will read any book that preaches inspiration, freedom and passion for the planet, from glossy, coffee-table masterpieces to heart-racing autobiographies.  

Here's our first selection! 


DEEP by James Nestor


James Nestor will take you further underwater than you’d ever think...especially further than you’d ever think a human could survive, unassisted. 

Deep: Freediving, Renegade Science and What The Ocean Tells Us About Ourselves is any ocean lover’s necessary deep-dive into beloved Mother Ocean. It explores a range of topics from competitive free diving to century-old secrets that scientists are still trying to discover about the ocean.

Nestor studies the ocean from the perspective of rickety old submarines, marine life, and underwater bubbles alike. Each new avenue he takes shows yet another hidden part of the ocean.

Plus, you’ll earn a new reverence toward sperm whales and their abilities. They are the most unique creatures the ocean may hold (and maybe the scariest, too, but in an intriguing way!)


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