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The way things have been going these days, it is really easy to get down - that is completely okay, let yourself feel ya feelings. Chances are 99.9% of the population is feeling the same way, I promise. I have been going through an insane amount of emotions, from being fine, hanging out at home, walking my dog Koast multiple times a day, reading books, doing puzzles, drawing (a lot), to a borderline mental break down. I’m worried about The Happy Sea, how is this pandemic going to long term affect this lil brand of mine? Will I be able to bounce back? How are other small businesses coping? How is everyone doing? Is there something more that I could be doing to help out? WHHHHY IS THIS HAPPENING? I would love some answers but I suppose it doesn’t always happen that way. 

With all of this time on our hands, I have been reading / hearing / watching the news, the good and the bad. I have tried to shift my mindset on things to be a little more optimistic and to see the silver lining of this all and I figured that I would share some good news with you guys to hopefully lift your spirits and brighten your day a little! 


Some good news starts now… : 


  • People in India say that they can see the Himalayas for the first time in decades due to a decline in air pollution. 
  • Water in the Venice Canals have returned to the clearest that they have been in 60 years & swans, fish and dolphins have returned to enjoy the view. 
  • Air pollution levels have drastically dropped and you can see it from space. 
  • 39 tigers and 3 black bears from Joe Exotics G.W. Zoo were brought to a Wild Animal Refuge in southern Colorado with over 10,000 acres and have been extremely cared for since 2017. 
  • Koalas that were rescued from the Australian Bushfires are finally getting released back into the wild. 
  • Our oceans can be restored to their former glory within 30 years withs some work & dedication from everyone around the globe. 


I really hope that when this is all over, that we don’t fall back into the swing of things and that we remember to enjoy the little things. Like being able to sit down at a restaurant and enjoy a meal with our favorite people, being able to take a dip in the ocean at any point of the day, a casual bike ride with your family…you get the point. 

I also hope this time has given us the opportunity to be more conscious of our everyday decisions, let’s help our community, let’s preserve our planet, and let’s love alllllll the animals. 

Okay I’m done now,

If you’re still reading this, I love you and am sending you all the socially distanced hugs & happy hours.





Okay I lied, if you’re curious where I got all my good news info and want to read more I’m linking it here :’)

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