The other day I was riding in the car with my youngest sister Shay on the way to our favorite thai restauraunt. (We eat there at least once or twice a week.) On the way there, we were talking about life and the things that make us happy, sad, stressed... the good, the bad, the ugly...pretty much everything under the sun. She mentioned that whenever she gets down, she has a happy list on her phone full of all the things that make her happy. (Cute, right?) She read it to me and it honestly made me so happy that I debatably teared up. After we left dinner I decided that I was going to make a happy list too, so here are some of the things that I came up with: 

  • morning dips in the ocean
  • lavender iced coffee
  • waking up for sunrise
  • hanging out with my mom
  • pad thai & pizza
  • finding good new music
  • traveling solo & being in airports
  • movie theatre popcorn and m&ms
  • a nice white comforter
  • candid photographs
  • watching a good movie during a storm
  • handmade coffee mugs
  • a hot yoga class 
  • when a candle makes the entire room smell nice
  • when it rains on a Sunday
  • when people love The Happy Sea
  • buying myself flowers
  • curling up with a good book and a cozy blanket
  • when Koast curls up next to me when we’re sleeping
  • talking to strangers about their travels
  • my black jeans
  • sister trips with KP & SP

And there we have it..

If you are still reading this, I appreciate you. Very much. I 10/10 recommend that everyone creates a happy list for the days when you are stressed, bummed out, or just need a little afternoon pick me up. I hope that my list inspires you on some ideas of your own and I can pretty much guarantee that it will brighten your day.


B I G props to Shay for sharing this hidden gem with me, xoxoxo sister


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