What. A. Y E A R. Am I right?

If someone were to have told me at 11:59pm on December 31st of 2019 what this year was going to bring. I would’ve laughed, and then continued to drink my champagne while celebrating the start of a new decade - a decade that’s the start of new possibilities, greatness, adventure, one like none other... ohhhhh what a time to be A L I V E.

2020 brought so much more than I ever thought the start to a new decade would bring. It brought gratitude, a few (a lot) of mental breakdowns, so much koast love and a much needed lesson on learning to cook at home. 

In March we celebrated Happy Seas 5th birthday and I still can’t believe it’s been five years since this wild ride started. 2020 has been the test of a lifetime to all of the entreprenuers, & small business owners out there. We have been called to honne in on what matters most, and hustle to keep our dreams alive. The fact that Happy Sea has made it through such a historical year, I am so so thankful. You guys have been my rock, and it is because of you I am happy to say we will be partying around the clock on Happy Seas sixth birthday! I am so full of grattitude I could scream it from mountain tops until I am blue in the face. You guys are seriously so awesome, I am constantly ennamored by all the love Happy Sea and myself receive! 

Last Christmas my family went to Asheville to celebrate the holidays, instead of doing gifts at home. On Christmas morning we went on a hike and through the hike we listed everything that we have learned throughout 2019. Though this was a year ago, I think the lessons stated are more relavant than ever. So here you go: the wisdom of my mom, myself and 2 younger (& very intelligent) little sisters.

-Fight for what you believe in.

-Stand up for yourself.

-Mental health matters.

-If you love someone tell them.

-Be grateful for what you have.

-Be flexible in your life.

-Everyone’s on their own journey.

-Never judge.

-If you’re in a low, a high is close by.

-Support your friends.

-Never underestimate the power of a hug.

I have learned a lot through 2020, I think through all the highs and lows that in a way this year brought people together. To remember that we are all only human and just trying to do the best that we can. It definitley brought me closer to who I am as a human being, closer to my family, closer to my loved ones, & closer to Koast (if that is even possible.)


I am so hopeful that 2021 will be a light & a much happier year. 

So much love to you guys, happy holidays and happy new year! 




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