Dayum 2019, ya did The Happy Sea well. This was such an insane year for us, we've grown more than I think we could keep up with at times, we learned a lot, and adventured a lot.

So this is just a quick little note to say thank you for everything! We are stoked to be going into a new decade with so many awesome people and so many awesome plans in store. The Happy Sea wouldn't be here without you. 

Also, here are a few things that have happened / we've really been diggin' this year:


1. We've low-key become obsessed with Sunset Magazine, a west coast publication of basically all things cool and all things that we gather inspo from. You can check out their cool (we highly recommend it, it's pretty cool. You will also want to redecorate your entire house to have a funky, modern, west coast, desert vibe.) 

2. Turnovers new album 'Altogether.' That's all we can say. You can give it a listen

3. We got our own studio, LETS PARTY BABY!! It's so awesome, a full 1920s style house all to The Happy Sea. 

4. Happy Sea has taken a few turns and twists, ups and downs, highs and get the point. But I guess that all comes with the job, right? So if anyone has any life advice on basically anything, hit a gurl up. I am going into my 25th year soon and - that. is. scary. 

5. We didn't go on any major out of the country trips this year, hopefully we will get back on our game in 2020. However we did explore our own country a little and we must say it's pretty neat. 


It's been a cool year, so now we are about to chill out with the fam (we rented an AirBnB in Asheville instead of doing gifts for the holidays, and we will be drinking champagne all night on New Years to ring in the new decade. 

Happy (almost) 2020 lovers!! I say it all the time but seriously, you're the best. Thank you for all of the happy sea love and support, always.






Most of the photos in this mood board were found on Pinterest, and some are mine. For our Pinterest pals, we are sending a margarita with an umbrella, an unreal sunset and some puppy love. You’re too cool, thanks for the inspo!! 

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