This year was a huge year for The Happy Sea. And to thoroughly honor what a year it's been, I figured I would make a list of all of the highs, all of the lows and a few random thoughts that I have had in the midst of it all for the year of 2018.

So here are 9 random thoughts for the start of twenty NINE-teen...

1. Starting a brand is hard. Starting a brand is really, really hard, and to whoever says it isn't please let me talk to them so I can pick their brain. I need them to spill their secrets. 

2. The world lost 2 of the most amazing, dear-to-me souls this year. My lifelong best friend passed away in January and our family dog passed away in March. It was tough (to say the very least) really taught me to TRULY appreciate each moment in life and not take ANYTHING for granted. Hug your loved ones close. Every day. 

3. Comparison will kill you. This was a big thing for me. Starting a product line isn't exactly the most typical thing to do with your life. It completely differs from a 9-5 and is really hard to explain to other people. I've learned to just keep on keepin' on and remind myself that I don't have to do what everyone else is doing. In fact, I don't want to be doing what everyone else is doing. 

4. We hired our first employee, the most wonderful brand manager a girl could ever have: Lexi, who we LOVE. She has seriously brought so much more to The Happy Sea, I don’t think I will ever be able to thank her enough for everything she is doing and has done. 

5. The Happy Sea has grown to shops all over the country and beyond, WHAT! THATS SO CRAZY. So let's keep going, and if anyone has any shops they want Happy Sea in, hit a gurl up. I love new spaces and places! 

6. We got a kick @$$ west coast rep, Lindsey, to help grow Happy Sea on the other coast. And who I can not wait to visit!! (sooner rather than later, please) 

7. I pushed my boundaries creatively to go in a few different directions, which you will see in 2019! WOOOOO!! 

8. I’ve gone from being a workaholic, to not motivated 1%, to workaholic, and then back again. It’s an endless cycle for me, and I am trying to find an in-between, healthy work schedule. (Any & all tips are greatly appreciated) 

9. We took screen printing in-house, so now when you see a happy sea shirt around, my fambam did it. What a learning curve it has been!! However, it is already opening so many new doors. I. Am. Stoked. 


So...2019, L E T ' S G O !  I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us, highs and lows included. Thank you everyone who has made 2018 a year to remember. Thank you to my family and friends who support The Happy Sea, my takeout addictions and my neurotic work schedules. And THANK YOU to all of the happy sea lovers out there who push me to make every day the best day. You all mean SO much to me! 





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