Happy Sea has been in business for about 3 years now, so we figured it was time to start a funky lil blog to write about our happy sea lifestyle. This blog is going to consist of our favorite travel spots, travel tips, day to day inspo, some awesome veg recipes and obviously lots of ocean info. 

I (Owyn) thought I would kick off the blog with a few things you didnt know about me and The Happy Sea.


So, here we go . . . 

1. My first word when I was a little young blood was “beach.” Yep, beach. Granted, our Golden Retreievers name at the time was Beach, but I like to think it set up my destiny. 


2. I grew up with every intention in life to become a marine biologist to study the orcas. Orcas have been my favorite animal since I was about 3 when I watched Free Willy on VHS in my mom’s living room. (at least 100 times) I am now 23 and still debate watching it at least once a day. 


3. My mom and I started The Happy Sea on a complete whim. I called her my freshman year of college . . . on April Fools Day, hysterical because I was failing out of math and chemistry . . . for the second time. And if any of you guys know, majoring in Marine Biology requires an insane amount of math and chem classes. Long story short, I decided to change my major to art after lots of convincing from my mom. (She has been a kick @$$ boss lady graphic designer for longer than I have been alive.) 


4. During that phone call, as I was pacing back and forth in my dorm room, we decided to start a brand and open an earth-friendly gift shop. Big dreams, I know. My mom was working in her home office at the time doing graphics and wanted to have some fun, while I was just looking for a plan because all of my hopes and dreams of becoming a Marine Biologist were completely shattered into the sand. 


5. We decided that our future shop and future brand was going to give back to ocean conservation (obviously, do you think I could go on in life without being apart of the ocean? BIG no.) The shop, named Color it Green, opened a year before The Happy Sea launched in 2015 and man, what a year it was.


6. I draw all of the art for The Happy Sea and my mom handles the production aspect. We make a great team and I don’t think I could be doing this with anyone other than her. 


7. The Happy Sea keeps it local. All of our products are made in the USA, and produced as green as possible, 100% of the time. This will never change. All of our apparel is screenprinted in Fernandina Beach, FL. (We just got a screen printer of our own as well, SO STOKED) And all of our paper products are recycled and FSC certified, meaning that every tree it takes to make our products, more are planted in their place which we think is pretty cool. 


8. The Happy Sea donates a portion of all of our proceeds to different ocean conservation nonprofits such as Orca Conservancy and Sea to Shore. 


9. We are major believers in traveling often and taking ocean dips daily. It’s good for the soul. 


10. My goal in life is to turn The Happy Sea into something H U G E. It is my entire heart and soul. Every time you guys buy something from us, whether it is in our shop, or someone else’s shop, I cry a little on the inside and am F O R E V E R grateful that you love my art. It’s a little piece of me and you are so SO awesome. 


11. I was born on the 11th of July so it only seemed fitting to do 11 things. One super important thing not only about happy sea but about the family I grew up in, we actually give a ship about the planet. I grew up in a family of vegetarians who love the world . . . we pick up our trash, refuse straws, use reusable waterbottles, recycle, and compost. (tree huggers, if that is what you would like to call it) We feel it is so so important to take care of our world and all of the little babes in it. 

Much love, much love

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Kristin Lehman
Kristin Lehman

July 27, 2018

We just visitited your store during our Amelia visit last week..3 times to be exact…making purchases each time. 😊 We so love the products and your mission! I will share with all of my Ohio friends! Keep up the great work!!!!

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