Is there any better feeling than helping out a cause you love? How about if you can help out that cause by supporting a local business and purchasing cute stuff all at the same time? 

Look no farther than The Happy Sea. The Happy Sea is the sweetest "Salty" brand out there. This adorable small business based out of Fernandina Beach, Fl and is run by an ocean loving mother daughter duo, Laurie and Owyn. Owyn and her mother have loved the ocean as long as they've been alive, and Owyn dreamt of becoming a marine biologist and saving the ocean one day. When Owyn realized math and science were obstacles that would prevent that dream, she just found her way around those obstacles. 

The Happy Sea was envisioned soon after Owyns realizations in school. Laurie and Owyn immediately mapped out a product line consisting of cute art that would spread awareness and support ocean conservation, and in turn, give back. Together, they began brainstorming ideas, and finally, after months of back and forth, The Happy Sea was ready to launch - with a small card line and initially 3 tank top designs. Slowly but surely, it has expanded into a full card and magnet line, as well as tanks, tees, long sleeve tees and sweatshirts. But The Happy Sea hasn't stopped there! There are many plans to continue expanding in 2017. 

Whats so unique about the small business are the styles and designs on each funky piece. Each design is created by Owyn herself. The eclectic combinations of colors and triangles holds a lot of meaning to Owyn, and is the key inspiration to what she designs. The triangle pattern comes from two things... Owyn grew up with 2 younger sisters and it was always the 3 of them walking through life together, therefore you have the triangle. Triangles are also the sign of water, which is in her astrological sign (cancer). They are created with a mosaic look which was inspired by a dear family friend, Ruth Ann Petree. She was extremely influential in their lives and created incredible mosaic art, chipping the stones by hand, and creating breathtaking works of art. In turn, this inspired Owyn and is reflected in each piece that is produced. Laurie handles all of the production for everything they produce & Owyn makes the art —dream team!

But, The Happy sea is much more than just a pretty face...They work hard to raise awareness for oceanic conservation and donate proceeds to an organization called Ocean Alliance, otherwise known as They are working towards reducing pollution, preventing the collapse of the marine mammal population,and benefit ocean and human health. Everything that Ocean Alliance represents is what The Happy Sea loves to support. Save the whales, save the oceans, save the earth. Another organization that The Happy Seas is getting involved with is Sea to Shore Alliance. Sea to Shore Alliance is a Florida based non-profit that helps educate, as well as protect, the habitats of right whales (native to North Florida), sea turtles, manatees.

As you can see, The Happy Sea is one busy business, but they haven't settled just yet. If you ask Owyn about what she sees for her company in the coming years, she'll tell you with a big smile on her face. 

"The Happy Sea eats, sleeps, and breathes ocean conservation. The ocean is THE most incredible place on the planet and it’s so sad that it keeps getting threatened by ocean pollution. There are SO many easy things that we can do to contribute to our earth and help save our oceans. All in all, the one major goal for The Happy Sea is to help create a difference and raise awareness for ocean conservation. The more people we reach through art and the ocean, the better! We would LOVE to see The Happy Sea grow into something wonderful and are along for wherever it takes us!"

Well said Owyn. We thank you, your mom, and The Happy Sea for supporting a great cause and letting us look great while doing it! As for myself, I couldn't help but purchase some tanks right away because of how well they reflect my obsession with jellies, sharks, & octopuses. You name it, they got it. Being a passionate freediver and ocean lover, I couldn't imagine a more perfect line to represent.  Go With The Mo PROUDLY wears and supports The Happy Sea brand and all of it's endeavors. :) 

Just Go With It-