November 07, 2018 2 min read

My sister and I have spent the last few weeks galavanting through Australia and all I can say is wow. Wow to the kindest of people, wow to the jaw dropping landscapes, wow to the veg food and wow to their free-spirited culture. I have always said that Australia is my favorite place in the world, and this trip has truly confirmed my love for the land of magic. 

This trip has brought me clarity, a new love for life, and more determination than ever before for Happy Sea to continue on in it’s success. We road tripped from Melbourne to Brisbane (it's about 20 hours all together.) So I had plenty of time to get into my thoughts and remind myself who I am as a human being, as well as what I want Happy Sea to be, and grow into as a brand. 

My initial trip that I took to Australia in 2016, as well as my trip this October, have both been some of the most moving experiences I have had in my lifetime. (& I have had a lot of wonderful/painful/strange experiences in my short twenty three years of life.) 

To anyone who is thinking of making their way over to that side of the world, GO. It will be life-changing. Whether you go solo (I did my first time.) Or if you go with your sister, friend, brother, a random stranger who you just met... I recommend it 10/10. You will never regret it. 

After a few weeks our Australia Bucket List was officially completely accomplished: 
  • Roadtripped in a camper van from Melbourne to Brisbane
  • Witnessed the 12 Apostles in all of their glory. - You realize how truly small you are in this world as soon as you come even the slightest bit close to them.
  • Drove the Great Ocean Road, while jamming out to Fleetwood Mac
  • Hung out at the Bondi Icebergs and watched the waves stroll by
  • Got tattoos in Bondi then went for a beer
  • Went to the Opera House, drank lattes and ate kick @$$ pesto gnocchi. 
  • Wandered around the Contemporary Art Museum in Sydney completely ready to get lost in this incredible 4 story tall wonderland
  • Danced all around to live music in the streets of Byron. -RomiSounds, i love you
  • Explored a secret beach with Mitch Gobel and Sally Mustang...who I must say are some of the most intriguing, inspiring, and lively people I have ever met
  • Saw humpbacks breach while drinking champagne on the Gold Coast... I did almost cry. - It was one of those moments that is essentially an out of body experience, all I could keep thinking was "How is it even possible that I am here right now?"
  • Bopped around with kangaroos, emus, and alpacas at a family owned Animal Sanctuary. 
T H A N K F U L.  

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